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Solicitor Fees & Disbursements

The funding solutions we promote do not cover a solicitors legal fees due to maintenance and champerty laws in Ireland. Our funding providers can cover the costs associated with the legal disbursements, ATE Insurance, medical costs and personal expenses during the claims process. 

Consumers in Ireland are legally entitled to pursue their access to justice as part of the Irish Constitution. Many individuals however do not have the financial resources required in order for them to pursue costly legal proceedings. Many solicitors in Ireland offer a no win no fee service when representing their clients. However, costs for additional disbursements to improve or strengthen the claim may not be covered in the no win no fee agreement and these are costs which you may need to consider. Disbursements are used to cover court fees, consultancy charges, expert reports and witness statements amongst other things which can be crucial for securing the maximum settlement for a claim. We promote funding solutions from third party funders which can be used to cover the legal disbursements of ongoing litigation. All funding is offered on a non recourse basis which means that if the claim is not won the funding is written off.

The costs for solicitor’s fees and disbursements will vary depending on the type and complexity of a claim. There are instances where a claim needs to be supported by third party reports, witnesses, experts, and consultants which will inevitably strengthen the case. This when the costs for running a claim can increase significantly which many individuals cannot afford. Without financial resources in place claims can suffer as they might not be presented in the best possible fashion with all the supporting evidence required to obtain a maximum compensation settlement. If a claim does not have the financial resources to cover the necessary legal costs and disbursements it can affect the overall claims process and in a worst case scenario can be a contributing factor in having an unsuccessful claim.

In the event of an unsuccessful claim the individual who brought the action in the first instance is usually liable to pay for the third party legal costs. Depending on the type of claim this can be substantial. If a claim is won it is usually the responsibility of the third party to cover all legal costs and disbursements in addition to the compensation award. Many claimants will look to insure their claim and the potential of having to pay third party costs by taking out an After the Event Insurance policy known as ATE. This is something which should always be discussed with your solicitor when starting the claims process.

Early Settlements

In todays claims industry there are many instances when claims do not make it all the way through to court. Sometimes a third party can make a reasonable settlement offer which is accepted by the individual who has brought forward the action and therefore the claim is settled. Sadly however third parties if they are able to will often use their financial strength to pressurise an individual into accepting a settlement offer which is far less than what they would be likely to receive in court. This is an unscrupulous tactic but it is used by many individuals and organisations that flex their financial power to force an early settlement for far less than what they should have to pay. If you have a solicitor that is fighting your case but is also covering all upfront costs and disbursements a lengthy court battle may put them in a very difficult financial situation which can have a negative impact on your claim. It is not uncommon for a large corporation to drag out a claim knowing that by doing so they create signifiant financial damage on the person pursuing the action which can lead to claims being settled early and in some cases abandoned completely. This is where we can help. We assist individuals and solicitors by providing them with access to no win no fee funding solutions designed to cover legal fees and disbursements so that they have the financial resources required to bring a claim right through to completion where they are most likely to reach their maximum value.

When taking a claim forward your solicitor will discuss the costs of the litigation process during the initial consultation phase. These costs can be daunting and may prevent people from pursuing their access to justice which is a constitutional right. If you believe you would benefit from no win no fee funding solutions which are specifically designed to cover solicitors fees and disbursements then we are here to help. We provide claims funding which covers:

  • Court Fees
  • Expert Reports
  • Specialist Advice
  • Medical Reports
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Claims Consultants

Pursuing litigation can have a significant impact on your financial situation in a very short period of time if you do not have adequate financial resources required.

Solicitors fees, Disbursements and counsel’s fees will be the most expensive element of your claim but also the most important. This is not an area that you can afford to cut back on as case preparation and specialist supporting knowledge  can add significant value to your claim. We work with individuals and solicitors to ensure that they receive the proper legal funding solutions required to cover all legal costs and disbursements on a no win no fee basis.

Do not let your financial situation discourage you from pursuing your access to justice. Get in touch with us today to learn ore about our lawsuit funding solutions for legal fees and disbursements.

Our funding solutions are on a non-recourse basis and no repayments are required until your claim is settled. If your claim is not won for any reason you do not have to repay the funding borrowed or any additional charges. Our funding solutions for solicitor fees and disbursements range from €1000 – €1m+ and are offered on a case by case basis.  To find out more please contact us for a free no obligation review.

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