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Litigation Funding Solutions in Ireland

Litigation Funding Solutions in Ireland

Litigation funding, which is also known as legal financing, refers to the third-party provision of financial resources in order to pursue or enhance litigation proceedings. Claims Funding provide non-recourse (no win no fee) funding solutions to cover legal disbursements, medical costs and personal expenses during the claims process. Our solutions are designed to ensure that an individuals right to pursue their legal access to justice is not dictated by their financial circumstances.

At Claims Funding we provide broker services to indivuduals, businesses or soliciotrs that require litigation funding or ATE insurance solutions. The solutions we promote can be used on personal injury, commercial litigatioj, financial, property, construction or bespoke claims requirements.

Coverage for Three Key Areas

Funding Solutions can be used to cover three key elements for a claimant.

Legal Disbursements

funding can be used to cover legal disbursements including expert witnesses, ATE Insurance, consultants and specialists which can strengthen your claims application and the overall compensation settlement that you receive. Our funding solutions do not cover a solicitors legal fees due to maintenance and champerty laws in Ireland. They can however fund all legal disbursements and insurance costs required to successfully process a claim.

Medical & Rehabilitation Costs

Our funding solutions can be used to cover all medical and rehabilitation costs at the start of the claims process. Whether it is for corrective surgery, rehabilitation, medical treatment or consultancy fees we can help you gain access to the services you need and when you need them most. Many claimants are prevented from getting the medical attention they need and when it is needed due to a lack of financial resources. This can have a negative, long lasting and sometimes permanent effect on their health. By availing of our services you can get access to the treatment you require at the start of your claims journey which ensures you give yourself the best possible chance of making a full and speedy recovery.

Personal & Living Expenses 

Pursuing a claim can be a long and drawn out process. Many claimants will suffer financially during this process as their ability to generate income may have been affected as a result of the claim they are pursuing. Our funding solutions are designed to ensure a claimants quality of life does not suffer during the process so by ensuring that they have the financial resources required o meet monthly commitments such as mortgage payments, credit card expenses, loan repayments as well as personal expenses. Our funding solutions offer financial security to our clients so that they can run their claims to completion to maximise their value without having to consider early settlement for lower levels of compensation.

Customer Service at its Best

At Claims Funding we pride ourselves on high levels of customer service and  exceeding the expectations of our clients. We are committed to providing an honest, upfront and professional assistance from start to finish. We understand that our solutions are only required during difficult times we therefore look ton make the litigation process as easy, straight forward and hassle free as possible.

Providing you with Non-Recourse Litigation Funding

At Claims Funding we promote no win no fee funding solutions designed specifically for the claims process. In essence this means that if you secure funding and do not win your claim what you have borrowed along with all interest charges is completely written off. By providing non-recourse funding solutions with no monthly repayments we can offer our clients  peace of mind, during a time when litigation can become a source of stress and strain.

Key benefits of funding includes:

  • No monthly repayments
  • No credit reviews
  • Non-Recourse Solutions

If you are involved in litigation proceedings we have financial solutions designed to assist you during the claims process. We offer a professional , honest and straight forward process designed to ensure our clients obtain the funding they need and when they need it. We operate exclusively on a non-recourse basis and applications can be assessed in a matter of days. To learn more about our services please contact us for a free no obligation review.


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