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Legal Fees & Disbursements

Legal battles are not easily fought and won. More often than not, they require lengthy court proceedings, extensive legal communications and a team of legal experts all of which can create substantial legal costs. Solicitors that agree to take on personal injury or commercial claims on a no win no fee arrangement can find themselves paying significant costs for a long period of time without any guarantees of every seeing a return. Absorbing all upfront costs on each and every claim taken on can have a negative impact on a solicitors ability to manage, grow and operate their practise. This is where we can help. We work with solicitors and their clients to assist them with funding solutions so that they do not have to tie up their firms finances with claims in progress. Our litigation funding providers do not cover a solicitors legal fees due to maintenance and champerty laws in Ireland. They can however cover all legal disbursements including ATE Insurance on personal injury and commercial litigation claims. 

Why is Funding for legal Disbursements beneficial?

Claims Funding for legal disbursements is beneficial because it ensures that claimants have the financial resources required to pursue their access to justice which is a constitutional right. We believe that everyone should receive a fair and just hearing, regardless of their financial status. Those who do not have the financial resources required to progress justifiable legal claims can now do so using legal funding solutions to ensure they get their legal access to justice.  We can assist individuals, businesses and solicitors by connecting them with non-recourse litigation financing which is commonly referred to as litigation funding.

For Solicitors the main benefit of using litigation funding for disbursements is that it gives them access to financial resources which are designed to strengthen a claims application. Without these solutions a solicitor will usually have to absorb all costs for disbursements themselves which can have a negative impact on their ability to successfully litigate. Claims can take a number of years to complete during which time there will be considerable legal disbursements which have to be paid for upfront. If a solicitor has multiple claims running simultaneously cash flow and operational costs may suffer which can prevent a firm from expanding, acquiring new cases and growing as they would like. Our solutions are designed to remove all of these financial concerns so that a solicitor can focus on what they do best which is litigating claims.

Our Litigation funding solutions for legal disbursements are designed to strengthen the claims application and can be used to cover a wide variety of upfront costs including court fees, medical reports, PIAB fees, specialist consultants, expert witnesses and more.

What Does Legal Financing Cover?

Legal Financing for disbursements is available to individuals who are being prevented from pursuing an access to justice due to their financial circumstances. Whether it is a personal injury claim, divorce proceedings, employers liability claim, public liability claim or contractual dispute litigation financing solutions are available in the form of disbursement funding. This ensures that a claim is properly funded so that it can reach its full strength and inevitably maximise the compensation values being sought. Litigation can be a costly business and without the backing of litigation financing companies can impact negatively on a solicitors ability to manage, grow and process claims as they would like.

We promote litigation financing for disbursements which gives solicitors the financial resources they need to strengthen and fully maximise the value of the claim without having to cover all upfront costs themselves. Our litigation financing is offered to individuals pursuing claims on a non-recourse basis and can be used to cover a wide variety of legal costs and disbursements including:

  • Expert Reports
  • Claims Consultants
  • Court Fees
  • Specialist Advice
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Medical Reports

Our third party litigation financing services can help you deal with the financial consequences of litigation. Whether you are processing a personal injury claim or fighting against a negligent service provider, our litigation funding solutions for legal disbursements can help you fight for your rights without having to deal with the financial strain of funding the costs. Funding is available from €500 – €250,000+ per case and is always on a non-recourse basis.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our litigation financing services for individuals pursuing claims in Ireland.

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