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We support Access to Justice

If you have a claim No Win No Fee funding solutions are available for:
  • Legal Disbursements
  • Medical & Rehabilitation Costs
  • Living and Personal Expenses
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Why Use Us?

Funding From €1,000 – €1m+

Only Repay The Funding If You Win

No Repayments Until Claim Is Settled

ATE Insurance Own & Adverse Costs

Claims Funding connects claimants with non recourse (No Win No Fee) funding solutions designed to strengthen claims applications and assist with medical and personal expenses during the claims process.

If you have a claim in progress you could be eligible for funding 
We promote funding solutions designed to strengthen claims and maximise their compensation values.
If you are unable to finance the costs of bringing a claim against a third party due to the lack of financial resources you are being denied access to justice which is a constitutional right. Funding solutions can be used to cover legal disbursements.
Many individuals with Personal Injury Claims are suffering from serious injuries. The funding solutions we promote can be used to ensure you get immediate medical treatment so that you make a full and speedy recovery in the fastest possible timeframe.
Many claimants may suffer from a loss of personal income due to an inability to work as a result of their circumstances. Our funding solutions can be used to cover personal and living expenses until your claim has settled.
Our Process
  • Contact Us
  • Claim Assessed
  • Application Completed
  • Funds Advanced
  • Claim Progresses
Benefits of our Service
  • We can assist you in securing funding for Personal Injury or Commercial Claims
  • You can pursue a claim that you might not be able to otherwise
  • Access to financial resources to enhance your claim by employing experts and specialists
  • Ability to seek immediate medical rehabilitation to ensure your long term recovery
  • All of our funding solutions are on a no win no fee basis– If your claim is unsuccessful you will not have to repay the funding
  • We provide an honest, personal and professional service with no upfront costs
  • No repayments are required on the funding until the claim is settled
  • Our funding solutions come with fixed charges which eliminates uncertainty and gives clarity on your repayment terms

Claims Funding provide brokering services by working with various litigation funding companies and ATE Insurance providers that provide solutions for the Irish market. We promote non-recourse funding solutions which means that in the event of an unsuccessful result the funding is completely written off. Funding can be used to cover legal services (disbursements), medical costs and personal expenses during the claims process when it is needed most. Funding solutions are designed to assist claimants during the claims process so that they that they have the financial resources required to pursue their access to justice which is a constitutional right.

To find out if you are eligible to receive Claims Funding please complete our quick online form by clicking here.
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